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Del Jardín Latino Podcast 067 – Parks

Del Jardín Latino Podcast 067 – Parks


podcast and interview here:


01.Parks-4AM -00:00
02.Goldmund-Ouendake -09:15
03.Eduard Artemjev-Stalker (from film) -12:41
04.Zelienople-All Planned -13:41
05.Parks-Eternal Wind -18:43
06.Lahto-The Night Was Green -25:50
07.Emanuele Errante-Humi -29:11
08.Gas-[untitled] -35:19
09.Lustmord-Compassion -40:36
10.Parks-Long Way -44:31
11.Akira Rabelais-04 1483 Caxton Golden Leg. 208 b_2 H -51:43
12.The Sight Below-Already There -54:18
13.Parks-The HAL 9000 Computer -58:45
14.Alone-2310 64:23

How were your first steps in music?

I studied in music school, class of trombone and piano. Then I went to study at the College of Music, jazz department in Sochi (city-resort on the Black Sea). Played in the group on keyboards on the dance floor and played in a jazz orchestra on trombone. In the 80 years I experimented with recording on two analog recorders. Used keyboard instrument Vermona. Record with an overlay.
Tell us the story behind the publishing of your records.
The first few albums were recorded just for myself and friends. I did not think about publishing them.
The first publication was a compilation of “East blow”, it was the track “Trains” from the album “Umber”. Then one track in the compilation “Elektrus” on label “What’s So Funny About” in Germany. Then all the albums were released on labels “Mediatone” and “Fono” in Saint-Petersburg. And the last two albums issued on his excellent label “Infraction Records” by Jason Bryant.
What can you tell us about the set?
I have collected the music that I love, and several compositions by Parks. The set contains music from Goldmund, Edward Artemiev, who wrote music in the Soviet Union, he was one of the first russian electronic experimenters. It also has tracks from Zelienople, Lahto, Emaunele Errante, GAS, who released the Gas 0095 CD on Em:T Records, which became highly collectable. It has been remastered on his own label called Microscopics. It also has music of Lustmord, Akira Rabelais, The Sight Below. And the track “Alone” was produced by my own son, he is 15 years old.
You said you feel your music as pictures, and I saw clips from Parks on You Tube directed by Vitaly Novikov, are those “official” clips?
Vitaly Novikov made the clips by himself, I never met him. He did it and sent me his works. I made the clip of Lament.
Have you worked in some other artistic expressions apart from music?
Not so much, I made a clip and also a cover for my latest album [Hidden]
Have you ever played Live as Parks?
Once, at a festival in St. Petersburg in 2001

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